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Project #3: Lollipop Bouquet


First, I need to apologize now for getting the moldy oldie stuck in your head… “Lollipop, Lollipop, ooh lolly lolly lolly Lollipop.” You’re singing along, aren’t you? Like I said, sorry about that.  Anyway, if you’re a long-time reader of GrahamCrafter (the entire week it’s been up and running), you’ll notice I’ve stepped up the photo game.  99 cents for a new iPhone app that allows for some fancy edits.  Best 99 cents  I spent all week.  Had I purchased to tickets to any of the three Tigers’ games this weekend, that would have been the best money I spent.  Instead, I got to enjoy the sweet tones of Rod and Mario.

So the latest project is a Lollipop Bouquet… lasts longer than flowers, and a heckuva lot tastier.  Since everyone likes candy, you could use this idea at anything from a kid’s birthday party to an Easter dinner.  And hopefully, people will each take a sucker, so half the cleanup is taken care of.  The best part of this project, though, is how insanely easy it is to do.  This is a great one for kids to help with or do on their own.

The supplies you need: Not only is this one easy, it’s also pretty cheap (considering you get a bunch of suckers to eat when you’re done).  You can buy lollipops pretty much anywhere, but if you look at PartyCity or Michael’s, or online at orientaltrading.com, you will find a lot of different colors.  So, pick something that matches your theme.  I went with red/white (cherry flavored) for an upcoming weekend in Traverse City (stay tuned – you’re going to see more cherries).  You also need floral styrofoam (I found mine at the Dollar Tree) and some gift bag filler (again, Dollar Tree).  You might also want to pick something like Spanish Moss for a more natural look. Find a pot that you like.  You can be creative here – if it’s a baseball party, use a Cracker Jack Box.  If you’re doing this for an Easter centerpiece, use a cute spring basket.  If you’re me, you use this cute green flower pot and anxiously wait for the party to be over so your black Sharpies can have their home back.  Right now, they’re mixed in with the colored Sharpies and I hate that.  Finally, pick a cute ribbon or some other  decoration for the outside of the pot.

Start by shoving the floral styrofoam into your pot.  You can use scissors or a box cutter to cut pieces to fit.  This part is not real scientific – just mash it in until it fits.  Next, put the gift bag filler over top of the styrofoam so the bouquet has a nice base.

Next, start arranging the lollipops the way you would flowers.  Stick them into the styrofoam so they don’t move around too much – it should feel pretty sturdy.  Just eyeball it until you get something you like, but keep in mind you’ll want the entire arrangement to look good from all sides.  Sidenote… I still need to paint my nails.

Continue in this manner until you have stuck all your lollipops into the arrangement, or until you like how it looks.  Add your bow or decoration to the pot and you’re done! Like I said, this is a very easy project, and quick.  I would say the actual assembly took me about 10 minutes (maybe less).  Cleaning up the styrofoam crumbs will take a few minutes, as well.