My last name is Graham.  I craft.  Graham Crafter is born!

I hope to bring you some fun, functional craft projects.  The sarcasm is just an added bonus.  My goal is to post at least one project a week that you can try on your own.  Be creative, have fun! People always say, “you’re so creative… you’re so crafty… I can’t do that.”  Yes, yes you can! Let Graham Crafter show you how! I hope to give you step-by-step instructions and photos that will help you learn how to do something, and inspire you to “make it your own,” as the American Idol judges would say.

One of  my great loves in life is my alma mater, Michigan State University.  You will notice that a lot of my projects have a Spartan theme.  You might also notice that my general aesthetic is to make things with clean lines and bold colors.  I’m not too much into “cutesy” but the bonus of Graham Crafter is that you can take the ideas and make them as pink and cutesy as you want!

I would love to see photos of any projects you create using my blog.  Please share at

Happy Crafting!


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