Project #17: DIY Workout Headband



Another running project! If you’re not much on exercise, it’s cool… I’ll be posting some Halloween projects over the next couple of weeks.  That snazzy green headband I’m wearing is the latest thing I’ve made and it was SUPER easy.  I help plan a 5K run every summer; last year, one of the race directors made these headbands to give to our runners. I reverse engineered that one so I could add a few more to my collection.  Oh, P.S. – you might be asking yourself, “Did Dana put makeup on at 9:00 at night just to take that picture?” You bet I did.

As always, let’s start with materials.  This one is pretty simple… you need spandex fabric (usually sold in the fabric store as “Swim/Dance” or “Performance.”  A cut of 6″ will make you probably 4 headbands.  You’ll also need good scissors (seriously, they need to be good, sharp scissors), a tape measure, and a sewing machine and thread.  You could do this by hand, but a machine will be WAY easier.


Cut the fabric into  strips that are 3″ wide by 18″ long.  The 18″ length makes a nice snug headband. If you have a giant noggin, you might want to add an inch.  The edges of the fabric are going to roll up – that’s OK.  The weave of spandex/performance fabric is such that the edges won’t fray.  I should warn you that as we get into the sewing instructions, there are a lot of  “turn it right side out” or “fold toward the inside” directions.  I hope they’re not too hard to follow, but rely on the pictures if you have to.

Image  Image

With the right sides together (the sides without the rolled edges), sew a seam on the short end, to make the headband shape.  I used a half-inch seam allowance,  then trimmed a little of the extra fabric away.


Turn the headband right side out and fold in both sides at the seam, toward the inside.  Put a couple pins in to keep the folds in place.  I know you’re probably thinking, “Oh blah I don’t need pins.”  Seriously, just use them.   Spandex is tricky.  This is the fabric that brought the world wedgies, so let’s not pretend it’s easy to tame.


With the pins holding the folds in place, top stitch on either side of the seam.  This will give the headband a nice shape and help keep it in place on your head.  I used white thread so it showed in the photos, but you can use thread closer to the color of your fabric if you want.


Trim away the threads and you’re done!  Here is what it will look like in a drawer or basket, or on your floor:


Here is a close-up of this thing on my head. Wish I’d brushed my hair.  Or made an attempt at editing that fluorescent spot on my forehead.


Happy Crafting! Happy Running!


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