Project #14: Glitter Jars


OK, this is a really easy and really quick project.  I had something else in mind for tonight and it was a total disaster.  So, I had to come up with something on the fly.  AND the Tigers have a playoff game tonight so it had to be quick.  Glitter jars it is!

We’ll start with the supplies.  You need a jar (clean out a food jar and remove the label), glitter, Modge Podge, a cheapo foam brush, and possibly ribbon or cardstock to add a little decoration.  You may also want a file folder (more on that later.)

There aren’t really many steps here.  You basically just brush on the Modge Podge and then dump on the glitter.  BUT! I have a little tip for you.  Open the file folder and lay it down before you dump the glitter… then read on…

After you’ve dumped all that glitter onto the jar, you probably have a mess that looks something like this:

If you used the file folder, you now have an easy way to clean up the glitter with as little mess as possible.  Just shake the glitter into the crease and use the folder to funnel your little sparkles of wonder back into the jar.

Happy Crafting!


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