Project #13: Halloween/Fall Invites & Cards


Oops… I didn’t quite crop the bottom of that photo well enough.  Hopefully, you’re too mesmerized by the AWESOME cards to notice.  This week’s project is actually three in one… one card made entirely with my Cricut, and two without.

The supplies for this one are pretty basic.  At the very least, you need scrapbook paper, basic stickers, and glue.  I like to use pre-cut cards (they come with matching envelopes), but you can make your own with a simple fold.  You’ll also need a paper cutter (and/or Exacto Knife), possibly a black stamp pad, and I like the fine-point glue pens for the little pieces.  If you have a Cricut, I used the Wrap it Up and Lyrical Letters cartridges.

We’ll start with the witch card.  I know you’re super impressed with the clever “Ghouls’ Night Out” saying.  But take note! You can only use my cute invitation idea if your costume is discernible from “Whore.”  If you put on some lingerie and hooker heels, you’re not a “sexy cat” or a “sexy ladybug.”  You’re dressed as a whore.  Alright, with that said… let’s make some crafts.  This one is done entirely with the Cricut.  I used the Wrap it Up cartridge to do the witch… I used black cardstock for the main body, purple glitter cardstock for the accents (I LOVE GLITTER), green cardstock for her arm, leg, and face, and yellow cardstock for the broom and her sock stripes.  The letters are 1″ and I used the base font from Lyrical Letters.

Here’s a little tip if you’re working with this many tiny pieces… lay everything out and make sure you know exactly where you want it before you glue.  As my Dad would say, “measure twice, cut once.”  Except actually, he would measure like 27 times and then use a bunch of non-specific pronouns to say where he wants you to put something until nobody understands him.  “No! Not there! Move that here! HERE! Oh my God!  HERE!”


Next up is a card using a torn paper technique.  This one is pretty easy.  Tear three ovals for the pumpkin.  It helps if you use a pencil to sketch them first so you have guidelines for the tearing.  I also sliced very thin pieces of green cardstock for the tendrils.  You can give the tendrils a little curl and texture by wrapping them around a pencil.


The rest of this one is just assembling and gluing.  I chose a light green and white patterned paper as an accent.  I used the stamp pad to ink the edges of some of the rectangles.

Last but not least, here is a VERY easy Halloween party invitation.  The hardest thing you have to do here is cut.  It’s cute, but not fancy, and it won’t take long to make.  That means you can do many in a short amount of time — an important thing to keep in mind when making party invitations.  For this one, I chose a patterned spiderweb paper and two solid colors.  Here is a picture of how to ink the edges:

The more times you run the edges along the stamp pad, the thicker the color will be.   All that’s left is adding the sticker.  This one is by K&Company and has a 3D adhesive so it makes the sticker stand out a little.

Happy Crafting!


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  1. I am curious about the cricut, too. I assumed it had lots of templates, one of which would be a witch. Instead, you pieced it together? If so, good eye!

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