Because it’s allllmooost Friday (gotta get down on Friday), here is a Graham Crafter bonus! This is a project I made with the photo transfer technique explained earlier this week in Project #12. This is a music box I made for my sister using one of her favorite wedding photos. I bought a plain box from the craft store, painted, photo transferred, and then had my awesome bro-in-law help me drill a hole and attach the music implement.

You might notice that this photo is a little less “full” than the ones in the wall hanging. That’s because I used a thinner layer of the gel medium for a more rustic-ish look. Rustic is not usually my thing. At all. But I think it works really nicely on this.


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  1. The music box inside plays “Here Comes the Sun”. It’s the song Erin walked down the aisle to. It was kind of ironic since it was misty and chilly that day….

    I love this box. A beautiful remberance for them.

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