Project #11: Glitter Pumpkins


I’m back from Buffalo and to make up for last week, you get a bonus this week… TWO projects! An easy one today, and a lovely-but-more-complicated one tomorrow.  So today’s lunchtime blog is to give you a quick tutorial on how to make cute glitter pumpkins without the mess.  A lot of the instructions I’ve seen call for glue and actual glitter… and while it’s a well-known fact here at Graham Crafter that I LOVE GLITTER, it’s a freaking mess when you’re working with 3D objects.  Instead, I use glitter paint and you get all the sparkle/shine with a fraction of the mess.  I tried to go for a nice Halloween-ish look for the photo.  Eh, they can’t all be winners.

Let’s start at the beginning with supplies.  You’ll need a craft foam pumpkin (often on sale at Michaels, I also found some small ones at the Dollar Tree), craft acrylic paint, glitter acrylic paint, a cheapo foam brush, and – if you like – something small for decoration.  I used spider stickers from Jolee’s Botique (also on sale at Michaels.)

From here on out, you’re basically just painting the pumpkin.  By the way, the lady who cut my hair when I was little was named Pumpkin.  Well, that wasn’t her actual name, but the ladies at Fantastic Sam’s used to get nicknames, and hers was Pumpkin.  25 years later, and I still refer to her as Pumpkin.  What a nickname.  Anyway, start with your solid color of craft acrylic.  You may want to go with a metallic or pearl finish paint… whatever you’d like is fine.  Depending on the thickness of your paint, you may have to do a “sponge dab” technique instead of brush strokes.  I tried to give you photos that demonstrate what can happen with brush strokes… it works, but you’ll need lots of coats.  The dabbing technique will cut down on the number of coats necessary for good color coverage.


Once the solid color is dry, add your glitter paint.  This will require several coats, depending on your sparkle preference.  I love me some glitter, so I used a LOT of coats in a couple different colors of glitter (a yellowy-green and a kelly-ish green.)  Let the coats of glitter dry somewhat in between… as long as it’s not sticky to the touch, you can keep adding.

When you’re done glittering… but who are we kidding? I’ll never REALLY be done glittering… you can add a little decoration if you want.  I liked these 3D spiders.

For fun, I attempted a “creepy” photo with my app.  Again, they can’t all be winners.  But this project is easy and cheap and very non-messy.  Probably kid-friendly, too, so long as they don’t paint your walls with purple glitter or something.  Unless you live in Studio 54 – then maybe that would be welcomed.

Happy Crafting!


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