Project #10: Wood Block Halloween Sign


So, it may feel early for Halloween… but as far as I’m concerned, after Labor Day = Fall.  And Fall = Halloween.  At this moment, fall also = that season when the Tigers can’t score a damn run.  So there’s that.  Also, this idea can be used for a million different projects, so don’t feel like you need to start an exclusive relationship with Halloween.  Originally, I got this project from one of those free sheets at Michaels.  But, I made a few tweaks to wind up with my finished product.

As always, we’ll start with supplies.  Here’s whatcha need: Small wood blocks (sold in the wood section of any craft store;  the 4-inch size are less than a dollar each), scrapbook paper, wide ribbon, craft acrylic paint, a cheapo foam brush, and something called a D-ring (usually they’re in the jewelry-making section or the make-your-own purse section.  I’ve never made my own purse.  I leave that to the pros at Nine West.)  You also need a staple gun.

This one starts easily enough.  Paint your blocks.  Here’s the part where I tell you that the step-by-step photos depict one sign and the “finished product” photos depict another.  I made several of these and took the photos a few days apart.  But you get the idea.  I did a couple coats of orange and then a couple coats of orange glitter.  I LOVE GLITTER.  Let the paint dry completely before moving on.


Next comes the scrapbook paper.  Cut squares to fit onto the top of your wood plaque.  For the 4″ wood squares, I cut 3″ paper squares.  No need to measure super carefully, just hold the paper up OH MY GOD THE TIGERS SCORED 2 RUNS! to the plaque and eyeball it.  You’ll also need to cut out the letters in contrasting colors.  I used my Cricut (thanks, Erin!), but if you don’t have one, cut letters with an exacto knife or use stickers.

Using the Modge Podge, glue the paper square to the top of the plaque.  Be sure to press out any wrinkles and let it dry a bit.  Then glue a letter to each square.  Let everything dry before you slop on the Modge Podge as shellac.  Then, slop on the Modge Podge as shellac.


All the messy stuff is done.  Let the blocks dry and cut your ribbon long enough to hold the blocks, leaving some space at the ends.  Then, using the staple gun, attach the ribbon the the back of the blocks.  Staple guns are so handy.  I keep mine in the toolbox my Dad got me for Christmas.  Yep, you read that right.  My Dad got me a toolbox for Christmas.  He worked at the Home Depot after retiring.  He astutely pointed out that perhaps I’d have preferred he got a job at the Gap.

All that’s left is the D-Ring.  Just fold a bit of the ribbon over it and glue. I used a bit of super glue and then Modge Podge to prevent frayed edges.

Here is a fancy photo of the finished sign hanging on  my wall.  Happy Crafting and Happy Halloween!


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  2. Dana..I love this project! May try it out this weekend with Hayden for fun, if I can get to the store for the items I need. I will let you know.

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