Project #6: Daisy Pen


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“Be sure to take your pot with you!” Not usually something you hear at a bridal shower, but I like to share my pot… and each of our guests got to take pot home with them.  Really though, it’s a pen.  And a cute pen, at that! Plus, it’s unlikely someone will steal it since they’ll be walking around with a pretty identifiable Bic.  On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “kindergarten fingerpaint project” and 10 being “Martha Stewart thinks this is impossible,” I’d put this project at about a 4.  The ribbon wrapping might take a couple of tries, and you’ll probably burn yourself on the hot glue gun… but other than that, it’s a snap.  I think this one is pretty kid-friendly if they have someone to help with the glue gun.  Again, I must credit my pal Margo (and her mother-in-law and sister-in-law) for this idea, which came from her bridal shower.  Several years later, we used it at my sister’s bridal shower.

This one requires a fair amount of supplies/materials.  You’ll need pens (they have to be the kind where the end will come off – more on that later), silk gerbera daisies, spanish moss (or that paper basket filler stuff), green ribbon, a small flower pot, and hot glue.  You just need the head of the silk daisy – so pop it off the plastic stem.

The first thing you’ve gotta do is pull the end out of the pen.  This may require pliers.  You might crack the end of the pen (I did, multiple times), but that’s OK – it will get covered up.  I discovered that off-brand cheapos from the dollar store worked the best – the piece of plastic at the end slid right out.  I needed the pliers on the Bics.

Starting at the end you just broke off, use a dab of hot glue to stick the ribbon to the end of the pen.  Wrap the ribbon around the pen, until you’re close to the tip (no “just the tip” jokes, please).  Glue the end of the ribbon down, and you have the stem of your flower!  Also, I need to apologize for the blurry photos here… I am not sure what happened, and I know I wasn’t drinking during this particular project, so I really don’t have an excuse.  Side note – sometimes craft projects are like bowling in that you can get better as you drink more.  Now that I’m a wine tour veteran, I highly recommend the late harvest Riesling from Chateau Grand Traverse.  Added bonus, you can buy it at Meijer.

Now comes some freestyle glue gunning.  Put a dab/glob of glue on the “stem stub” and slide it into the end of the pen.  Press and hold for a bit while the glue dries.  If you have the ribbon all the way to the end, you should not be able to see any plastic in between the flower and the “stem” – just a little glue, perhaps.

Anything remotely difficult is now done.  Take a hunk of spanish moss and put it into your pot.  You’ll want to pack it relatively tightly, as the moss is also what holds the pen in place.  Shove the pen into the moss and you’re done! It’s your choice as to whether you want the cap on the pen.

Put this bright, cheery flower on your desk and enjoy! Perhaps it won’t seem so bright and cheery if you’re fighting off a wine headache, but it will try its hardest.


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