Project #5: Wine Charms


Another project involving the hooch! This is maybe my favorite thing I’ve ever made.  Everyone at Erin’s Bachelorette Weekend in Traverse City got one… we all needed to keep our drinks straight.  Everyone seemed to like them, so either Erin’s friends are good liars or this really is a cute project.

The  materials for this one are pretty straightforward: You need round wires (sold at Hobby Lobby as “stemware rings” or Michael’s in earring packages), beads/charms, a pair of pliers (needlenose are the best), and eventually a wine glass to put the thing on.  Wine is optional, but encouraged.  The tiny beads you see in the picture are helpful for keeping the charm in place.

First, depending on the type of wire ring you have – you might need to use the pliers to flatten out the kink.  This is so you can slip the beads on.  If you have the plain earring wires, you can skip this step.  I’m not sure “kink” is actually a technical term – so look at the photo and hopefully you’ll see what I’m getting at.

The next step requires some creativity on your part.  Slide your beads/charms onto the ring.  I used a cherry charm and red beads because the bachelorette weekend was a trip to Traverse City (and the Old Mission Peninsula for a wine tour).  We had a lot of cherry-themed items.  I tend to go a little overboard with a theme.

After you’ve finished with the beads, you need to either create a kink or re-create the kink.  This is what keeps the beads from falling off.  Again, take a look at the photo because I don’t think “make a kink” really “makes sense.”

You’re now pretty much done.  Slide the little kink into the hole at the other end of the ring.  This completes your loop.  You can now hook and unhook the charm around the stem of your wine glass.  Cheers!


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