Project #2 – Photo Table Numbers for a Wedding


So I won’t lie when I say that I find the prospect of wedding crafts  more exciting than the prospect of marriage (I enjoy eating cereal for dinner, I don’t want to share my closet, and I haven’t found anyone that I like better than my stuff).  I have found the perfect solution… be related to someone who is getting married! Tons of crafts and none of the lifetime commitment.

Project #2 is a very easy but adorable way to do table numbers for a wedding.  I would rate the difficult level at approximately “elementary school.”  The only real skills required are cutting and gluing.  And using the photo machines at Meijer… and since I’m pretty sure  a second grader would be more successful on those machines than say, my mother, I’m sticking with “elementary school.”

First things first… materials.  You need photos of the bride and groom at age 1, 2, 3, etc. (as many ages as you have tables).  Here is where I tell you that we will not be doing this at my wedding unless I only need like 9 tables, as ages 10-15 were pretty unpleasant and I’m not sharing those photos with 300 of my closest friends and family members.  Anyway, scan the photos into the machine at Meijer (or Target or wherever), and use the editing features to add borders and the appropriate numbers.  You also need cardstock in two colors (i.e. your wedding colors), glue, a paper trimmer, and a corner punch (optional – I went with round).

Cut one color of cardstock to be just a bit larger than the photos.  If you go with a standard 4″ x 6″ photo, cut the cardstock to 4.25″ x 6.25″.  Cut the other color (the one you want to be the main background) to 6.5″ square.  P.S. thank you to whomever invented the home paper trimmer.  Use a corner punch to make the corners round or fancy, as you prefer.  You can also leave them square if you want.


Next, glue the photo to the inside mat color.  Carefully line up the matted photo and glue it to the larger square.  It helps if you have a sharply-dressed little nugget in the photo.  Some may also enjoy the bare midriff on a five-year-old.  Toddlers in Tigers hats are also very popular.


That’s pretty much it.  Slide your finished photo number into one of those stick things that goes in the center of the table and you’re finished! Hopefully the guests will have fun looking at all the photos as they search for their table.  But, if they’re anything like me, they’ll look long enough to say “Oh, table 2 – here it is.  Where’s the bar?!”


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